Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Places visited in US -- Cedar Point, Ohio

Cedar Point, Ohio:

An amusement park, probably one of the best in the US, with 75 diverse rides, including 17 roller coasters. Visit this place if you are up for heart racing excitement and thrills. In 2008, Planet Snoopy was introduced with seven rides for little ones. I bet young people can describe the rides they have enjoyed with the same thrill for days together in the same fashion as our grandparents narrated us stories. People who cannot enjoy these rides can definitely enjoy the giant wheel and space spiral (they are very slow) which will be raised 285 feet above the park. This definitely gives us a scenic view of the lake and the surroundings. Entry ticket is $40 per head. Of course it gives you your money’s worth as you can ride any number of rides any number of times but mind you, the timings are 9.00am to 7 pm. Food that tickles your taste buds is at an additional cost. Sorry, outside food is not allowed. Try your hand at the various games Cedar point has to offer, and don’t be surprised if you win some gigantic prizes!! My son won two soft toys, one of which was extremely huge that it took three people to fit it in the trunk of a car! See some pictures before hopping on the rides:

The Millenium

Top Thrill Dragster. This ride shoots you at a 120mph and takes you up a 90degree incline at that speed!!!!

A view from one of the rides

The Millenium.This ride has an 80 degree incline and a 360 degree loop!!! Double thrilL!!!!

The Raptor. The ride with three 360 degree loops.....now thats called going in circles!!!!

The King Kong.............our gigantic prize