Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Places visited in US -- Port Huron, Michigan

Port Huron, the blue water area, Michigan:

The blue waters of Lake Huron invite you and do plan to visit the following museums too:

Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Huron Lightship Museum

Coast Guard Cutter Bramble Museum

And the Main Museum.

All these museums are open 7 days Memorial Day to Labor Day – 11.00 am to 5.00 pm—Thursday through Monday the rest of the year.

Ticket to each museum if $7 . Passport to all museums is $ 15 and there are concessions for seniors (55+ any national) and students.

For more information

Telephone (810) 982-0891

Here’s a brief description of the various museums collected from various brochures, for your information

Thomas Edison Depot Museum

This place is the boyhood home of world-renowned inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who conducted his first electrical and scientific experiments here. Visitors can learn about Edison’s life and inventions in a variety of ways such as

Hands-on interactive displays

Intimate theater experience

Live science presentations

Artifacts from the site of his boyhood home—including glass bottles from his first laboratory and lead type from his printing press

An authentic rail car with a recreation of Edison’s mobile printing shop and chemistry laboratory.

You can spend half an hour to a day here according to your leisure and interest in this world of Thomas Edison. Some pictures for you

Huron Lightship Museum

· Located in Pine Grove Park this is a testament to how navigational aids are crucial components to sailing the Great Lakes

· This was buit in 1920 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Company in New York

· This 50 year veteran of lake duty which retired from active service in 1970 was the last lightship on the Great Lakes

· Serving as floating lighthouses, lightships were anchored in areas where it was too deep, expensive, or impractical to construct a lighthouse. Thus she guided mariners into the narrow dredged channel of lower Lake Huron leading to the St. Clair River for 36 years from 1935. They displayed a light at the top of a mast and also sounded a fog signal and broadcasted a radio beacon when needed.

· Acquired by mandate of area residents and enshrined at Pine Grove Part in 1972 as a tribute to her vigilance and in fond memory of a by-gone area

· Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989

Take the help of a guide available in the ship (free of cost ofcourse) who will explain all details with great interest – will take 30 to 40 minutes

Coast Guard Cutter Bramble Museum

The United States Coast Guard decommissioned the Bramble in 2003 to be used as a museum – giving visitors the chance to see where her crew had lived and worked during her many missions. Commissioned in 1944 the Bramble holds a unique place in maritime history…

· Participated in ‘operation crossroads’ at Bikini Island – the first test of an atomic bomb’s effect on surface ships

· Found the legendary Northwest Passage—an ambition mariners has for more than 400 years. 1957, she travelled with two other cutters for 64 days and 4500 miles of partially uncharted waters through the Artic Circle to be the first vessels to circumnavigate the North American Continent.

· In 1962 the Bramble transferred to Detroit to perform missions of search and rescue,, icebreaking, law enforcement and aids to navigation throughout the Great Lakes

· In 1975 she reported to Port Huron.

Main Museum

This building was constructed and given to the city in 1904 by steel mangnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The museum began occupying the building in 1967. This museum is now home for more than 15,000 objects and archival items relating to the history and culture of the Blue Water Area.

Blue Water Bridges

Outside Thomas Edison Depot Museum the expanses of the Blue Water Bridges is awesome. Two bridges span the St. Clair River, the first opening in 1938 and the second opening in 1997. The sections run parallel and span more than 6,100 feet to connect Port Huron with Sarnia, Ontario. In addition, they provide ample space for ships to pass underneath – accommodating ships heading from Lake Huron to the St Clair River. The bridges remain a key component to the area’s business success.

International Flag Plaza

Just North of the Blue Water Bridges, visitors can see U.S. and Canadian flags fluttering in the wind. This International Flag Plaza is a tribute to all the emergency personnel who respond to 9-1-1 calls in the United States and Canada. The plaza has been created solely by donations. Inscribed bricks show the names of fellow responders and citizens who have helped ceate the patio, which marks the end of the freshwater walkway.

Blue Water Trolley

For a guided, riding tour Port Huron, board the Blue Water Trolley. For 10 cents each passengers will enjoy a one hour tour around the city. The trolley makes 13 stops for passengers to come and go. Its route travels the entire length of the Port Huron’s waterfront throughout the summer.